Transitioning to Bellamy’s Organic Formula
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Transitioning to Bellamy’s Organic Formula

While many babies transition to a new formula easily, some may be more sensitive to the taste of a new formulation and may also need to learn to ‘digest’ the new formula. In short, your baby may need some time to get used to our formula. In such cases, introducing Bellamy’s Organic gradually is a sensible approach.

There are no set health guidelines on how to change formula brands. So instead, the table below will provide a useful guide to transition to Bellamy’s Organic Infant Formula or Follow-on-Formula products.

The National Health and Medical Research Council say that frequent changes of infant formula can increase the risk of incorrect preparation, and because of this, we don’t recommend mixing formula brands together. Each formula brand has a different scoop size and water requirement, so it is best to keep them separate to avoid any confusion.

The pace of transition will just depend on you baby’s acceptance and it is best to be guided by them. If everything is going smoothly, you may decide to use a faster changeover until all formula feeds are replaced to either Bellamy’s Organic Classic Formula or A2 Formula. Equally, even if you stick to the suggested schedule, it may still take your baby a few weeks after the transition to fully accept the new formula.

When preparing each feed, read and follow the instructions on the tin for the correct formula you are preparing.


Day Formula type
One Start with your baby’s first bottle in the morning and offer one bottle of Bellamy’s Organic formula. For the remaining feeds for the day, offer the previous formula.
Two Offer two bottles of Bellamy’s Organic formula and for the remaining feeds offer the previous formula.
Three Offer three bottles of Bellamy’s Organic formula and for the remaining feeds offer the previous formula.
Four-Seven Continue this method until your baby has fully transitioned across to Bellamy’s Organic formula, which may take around seven days. Once you have transitioned all feeds, it may take a number of weeks before you notice your baby’s acceptance to Bellamy’s Organic.


When changing formula brands your baby’s bowel motions may also change and this is just because the formulations are different. The frequency, texture and colour of the bowel motions may change and this is normal, but they should not be dry and solid, nor watery-like in consistency. If you have any concerns about your baby’s tolerance to a formula, consult your baby’s doctor or maternal child health nurse.