Filling nutrition gaps with toddler milk
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Filling nutrition gaps with toddler milk

Filling nutrition gaps with toddler milk

Children grow slower in their second year, which means toddlers need less food than during their first year. Toddlers also have small stomachs, short attention spans and start to assert their independence. Because of this, it’s common for toddlers to eat very small amounts, to be fussy about what they eat, and to refuse to eat at all.

Even so, a healthy and balanced diet with the right nutrition plays a vital role in growth and development and set the foundations of lifelong eating habits and patterns. Toddlers should be provided with a variety of foods from each food group that’s consistent with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

Eating new foods is a skill that children learn gradually, just like learning to walk. While this stage can be really frustrating parents, focus on that fact that you’re providing them with a nutritious diet. It can be helpful to remember that one day your child will probably eat and enjoy a whole range of different foods.

If you are worried your toddlers’ diet is inadequate, toddler milks like Bellamy’s Organic Toddler Milk can be used as a tool in tandem with a healthy and varied diet. Toddler Milks combine the overall health benefits of milk, with added nutrients to supplement their diet, when their intake of energy and nutrients may not be adequate. Toddler milks can be used when preparing breakfast, baking or cooking, to add nutrition and flavour to your toddler’s foods.

Bellamy’s Organic Toddler Milk is an enriched milk drink with 16 essential vitamins and minerals to support growth and development. Unlike some of the market leaders, Bellamy’s Organic Toddler Milk contains no added table sugar (sucrose), dextrose, maltodextrin, no added artificial colours, preservatives and artificial or natural flavours. Plus, it’s made right here in Australia!

Eating new food is a skill that children learn gradually. Meanwhile, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your toddler is getting the quality nutrition from a professionally formulated toddler milk like Bellamy’s Organic Toddler Milk, in combination with a healthy diet. So as long as you offer nutritious food, try not to worry if your child doesn’t eat very much. Toddlers are very good at