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Where to Pick Your Own Fruit in Australia


Whether you’re looking for a fun outing with the kids or you simply want to eat better, fresher food, fruit picking is a great activity. Nothing beats food that comes straight from the ground, tree or bush!

Fruit picking is a seasonal activity that occurs during harvest time in areas with fruit growing wild or being farmed in orchards. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get outdoors, search for the ripest, tastiest crop, and discover how the food you love is planted, nurtured, and grown. Fruit picking offers you and the kids appreciation for the food we so often take for granted.

Want to try fruit picking in your local area? Check out where and what you can pick in each Australian state with our complete guide.

New South Wales


Huntley Berry Farm

Where: Huntley Road, Huntley

When: November to May

Huntley Berry Farm is an OCTEC-owned and operated Australian Disability Enterprise, situated in the basalt plains of Mount Canobolas, near Orange. It’s a great place for a picnic or children’s birthday party, with extensive grass areas for games. Fruit you can pick includes: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries, blueberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, gooseberries, silvanberries, and youngberries. Animals you can pet include goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chooks and the friendly farm dog Jack.

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Montrose House & Berry Farm

Where: Ormond Street, Sutton Forest

When: December to February

Montrose House is an elegant country experience with a heritage listed homestead and gardens surrounded by a working berry farm. In season, you can grab a basket and fill it with blueberries, raspberries, loganberries, boysenberries, autumn raspberries, redcurrants, and hazelnuts. Out of season, you can purchase frozen berries from the store, along with delicious on-site made jams, berry pies, berry vinegars, and other artisanal products.

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Clyde River Berry Farm

Where: Lot 22 The River Road, Mogood

When: December to February

Located near Ulladulla and Batemans Bay on the South Coast of NSW, Clyde River Berry Farm offers blueberry picking all summer long. Other berries available for short periods include strawberries and blackberries, and the farm also stocks farm made jams and bush honey that’s rich and varied in flavour. Be directed to the “berries of the day” and hunt and gather until your heart (and tummy) is content.

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Where: Blackmans Point Road, Blackmans Point

When: December to February

Sitting just 10 minutes north of Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Ricardoes offers two acres of state-of-the-art computerised technology controlled greenhouses. Ricardoes produce is high quality and hydroponically grown tomatoes and strawberries free of insects and disease. See, touch, and taste up to 8 different types of tomato at this environmentally friendly farm and pick luscious strawberries from more than 30,000 plants. The Sarks brothers (who own the farm) work hard to offer the best quality fruit and you really will be tasting tomatoes and strawberries the way nature intended.

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Pine Crest Orchard

Where: 2459 Bell’s Line of Road, Bilpin

When: March to May

Everyone is welcome at Pine Crest Orchard, a gorgeous family orchard on the historic Bells Line of Road. All apples and pears are $4kg, and the price of other fruit varies. Hours of opening are 10am to 4pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Pay for what you pick and take a Bilpin Bush Tour while you’re at it. The tour offers wonderful insight into the native plants of the area and guide Ross Ingram (formerly of the Mount Tomah Botanic Garden) will tell you the botany of the Blue Mountains as you munch on your freshly picked fruit.

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Bilpin Fruit Bowl

Where: 2093 Bells Line of Road, Blipin

When: November to April

One of NSW’s most-loved orchards is Bilpin Fruit Bowl, and it’s not far down the road from Pine Crest Orchard. The store is open 7 days a week from 8am to 5:30pm (only closes on Christmas Day) while the farm is open every weekend during harvest time. Here you can pick peaches, nectarines, and apples at great prices.

Owned and operated by the Tadrosse family, Bilpin Fruit Bowl makes the best apple pies, cakes, slices and scones around. It also stocks local honey, homemade jams, souvenirs, pottery and other seasonal fruits like blueberries, cherries and raspberries.

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Watkins Family Farm

Where: 1006 Singleton Road, Laughtondale near Wisemans Ferry

When: May to August

Mark, Ann and Isaac Watson invite you to their family farm to pick Imperial, Hickson and Emperor mandarins during the winter months. An hour’s drive from Sydney, Watkins Farm is a great family day out, where you can pick your own, see the farm pets, and feed the sheep. There are more than 2,000 trees on the farm and the fresh and beautiful mountain setting is divine.

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Ford’s Farm

Where: 1275 Singleton Road, Laughtondale near Wisemans Ferry

When: May to August

Just down the road from the Watkins Farm you’ll find Ford’s Farm, another citrus orchard great for picking mandarins. Other fruits on offer include Tahitian limes, lemons, cumquats, and kaffir limes. A visit to “The Shed” and you’ll find an array of homemade jams, chutney, and cordial too.

Unlike Watkins Farm, which is free to get in, Ford’s Farm charges $5 per car, and thereafter you pay per kg for what you pick. A peaceful place to be away from the city, the farm is bounded by the Hawkesbury River and Marra Marra National Park.

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Paynes Orchard

Where: 372 The Avenue of Honour, Bacchus Marsh

When: November to April

In the fifties, the Payne Family moved 300 ancient and wise apple trees from East Burwood to Bacchus Marsh. They then nurtured and inspired the land to cultivate mouth-watering boutique summer fruits to complement the staple of classic apples. These days, they invite visitors to the farm to see, taste, and pick the delicious fruit. One of the few genuine small boutique family orchards left in Australia, Paynes Orchard is renowned for doing things the natural (and right!) way.

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Ravens Creek Farm

Where: 742 Hendy Main Road, Moriac

When: December to February

Hayden and Jasmine Findlay are a husband and wife team growing their business while raising their daughter Pippa. They’ve come a long way since they started and while there’s a long way to go to make Ravens Creek Farm everything they want it to be, it’s a gorgeous place to pick your own raspberries and brambleberries through summer. Opening their cafe in 2013, you can stop in for a feed any time of the year and purchase grass-fed beef and true free range pork, bacon, ham, and salami. You can also get natural honey, free range eggs, seasonal vegetables and cut flowers.

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Blue Hills Berries & Cherries

Where: 27 Parker Road, Silvan

When: October to April

Blue Hills Berries and Cherries has been run by the Chapman family since 1894. Best known for their fresh and frozen fruit, they have a wealth of farming knowledge they are only too happy to share with you and your family. At Blue Hills you can experience the fun, romance, and satisfaction of harvesting your own sweet, ripe blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, loganberries, raspberries, strawberries, youngberries, and cherries, and discover delicious handmade treats from local artisan producers.

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Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Where: 244 Shands Road, Main Ridge

When: November to April

In 1964, Pietro and Rosa Gallace and their young family moved to Main Ridge to foster Pietro’s dream of owning a farm. They planted an apple and cherry orchard, but while they waited for the orchard to bear fruit, they decided to grow some strawberries. The strawberries quickly took over every available space and today more than 200,000 plants are spread across 10 picturesque acres. Sunny Ridge now offers raspberries, blueberries and blackberries too, and has a second farm in Queensland.

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Cherry Hill Orchards

Where: 480 Queens Road, Wandin

When: November to January

The Cherry Hill story began in 1940 with George Riseborough, who had a dream of producing Australia’s finest cherries. Today it’s run by his grandsons and is one of the country’s leading producers. If the freshest, most delicious cherries is something you’re looking for, you’d be crazy not to pick your own at Cherry Hill. From mid-November until early January the gates are opened and you’re guaranteed a memorable day. Pack a picnic, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and have fun picking the biggest, sweetest tasting cherries straight from the tree.

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Freeman’s Organic Farm

Where: 618 Tomewin Mountain Road, Currumbin Valley

When: All year

A family farm since 1915, Freeman’s Organic Farm is regarded as the pioneer of the banana industry in Australia. In just 5 years it became the largest commercial banana farm in the country, with over 100 acres of bananas (100,000 banana trees) and 40 full-time employees. These days there’s even more, together with organic custard apples, avocados, kale, carrots, capsicum, sweet potato, mandarins, onions, broccoli, zucchini, silverbeet, tomatoes, beans, eggplant, paw paw and pumpkin. Many of these fruits and vegetables are available for picking all year round.

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Tropical Fruit World

Where: 29 Duranbah Road, Duranbah

When: All year

Journey beyond the farm gates of Tropical Fruit World and discover more than 500 acres of orchards. See, touch, taste and learn about more than 500 of nature’s weird and wonderful fruit varieties. Tropical Fruit World is more than just fruit picking and there’s non stop fun to be had. Take a plantation pavilion and park tour, visit the fauna park, hop on a wildlife boat cruise, ride the miniature train, and shop in the fruit market. You’ll also have access to “The Island” recreation area, which includes picnic areas, mini putt putt golf, sporting equipment and games.

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McMartin’s Strawberry Farm

Where: Lot 7 Sports Road, Bli Bli

When: June to November

At the end of Sports Road, Bli Bli sits McMartin’s Farm, a commercially owned and operated farm in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. This 56 acre piece of paradise started off as a sugarcane farm but today you can pick strawberries, figs, custard apples, and lychees depending on the time of year. McMartin’s Farm is also home to Strawberry Lane Ice Cream, an award winning ice creamery making some of the tastiest (and healthiest) ice creams in Australia.

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Strawberry Fields

Where: 133 Laxton Road, Palmview

When: June to November

Strawberry Fields Sunshine Coast farm is just east of Aussie World off the Bruce Highway. Run by the Carmichael Family since 1980, it’s open all year round and offers strawberry picking from June to November. With its fun tractor playground and picnic tables it’s a great place for families, and their yummy strawberry treats and pancakes will keep you coming back again and again.

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Beerenberg Family Farm

Where: Mount Barker Road, Hahndorf

When: November to April

The Beerenberg Family Farm is an Adelaide institution, never missing a strawberry season since 1975. Grab a basket and off you go, but remember to check the website to confirm they are open. The family farm can get so busy over summer that they sometimes get “picked out” and need to close for a few days to give the young fruit time to ripen.

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Lennane Orchards

Where: 814 Montacute Road, Montacute

When: November to April

Located in the picturesque Montacute Valley, just 20 minutes from the Adelaide CBD, Lennane Orchards has been growing cherries for more than 100 years. With over 20 different varieties, it delivers some of the earliest and tastiest cherries in Adelaide. In 2015, it opened up the farm to visitors, allowing you to pick your own cherries, plums, lemons, and berries. The farm is also open for direct sales of pre-picked fruit from early November through Christmas.

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Willabrand Fresh Figs

Where: 43 Lower Hermitage Road, Houghton

When: February to April

Willabrand Fresh Figs is a multi award winning family owned producer specialising in figs. The orchards of Glen Ewin comprise almost 12,000 trees of five main varieties: Archipal, Deanna, Spanish Desert, Brown Turkey, and Black Genoa. In the 25 years that Will Wauchope has been at Glen Ewin, he’s never sprayed the figs with any chemicals. Willabrand employs organic management practices whenever possible, meaning the fruit has a distinct look and flavour that’s unrivalled in Australia. The season is short and sweet, commencing in mid-February and ending in April. Make the most of it by visiting the Fig Bar for a cold drink, cocktail or light meal.

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Harvest the Fleurieu

Where: 2256 Victor Harbour Road, Mount Compass

When: October to June

Harvest the Fleurieu offers delicious sweet strawberries for picking between mid-October and late May. The patch is open from 9am to 4pm seven days a week, and strawberries cost $10 for a 1kg bucket. Pickers are encouraged to try as they pick, which is covered with a $4 per head fee (kids under 5 are free). Harvest the Fleurieu also offers school holiday specials and the market team will show you where to find the best fruit. Depending on the time you visit, you can also find garlic, snow peas, limes, rhubarb, blueberries, and blackberries.

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Sorrell Fruit Farm

Where: 174 Pawleena Road, Sorrell

When: October to May

In 2017, Sorrell Fruit Farm installed a new net for the cherry and apple area over winter. They also planted some new varieties, Meyer Lemon and Goji Berry. This promises exciting fruit picking seasons, starting from October and running through to late April. Sorrell Fruit Farm offers picking of strawberries, loganberries, boysenberries, tayberries, silvanberries, blackcurrants, cherries, apricots, peaches and apples. It’s also an award winning maker of fruit liqueur.

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Hillwood Berry Farm

Where: 105 Hillwood Road, Hillwood

When: November to May

Everything that Hillwood Berry Farm farms is available to you to pick. Located 30 minutes from Launceston, it provides direct-from-the-farm produce as well as artisan products from local producers. Get hands-on and select your own strawberries, raspberries, loganberries, and redcurrants. Finish it off with some delicious scones in the cafe topped with farm-made berry jam.

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Westerway Raspberry Farm

Where: 1488 Gordon River Road, Westerway

Westerway Raspberry Farm believes that raspberries should be the freshest and best tasting possible. Supplying raspberries all over the country, it’s situated on the fertile river flats of the Tyenna River, running through Tasmania’s rugged Western Wilderness region. With over 150 acres of land, visitors can pick from raspberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, and other seasonal fruit and shop from The Farm Gate Shop where you’ll find ice cream, jams, juices, dessert sauces, liqueurs teas, and foraged foods.

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Ti Farm’s Pick Your Own Strawberries

Where: 263 Old West Road, Bullsbrook

When: During Spring and early Summer

Ti Farm’s ‘Pick Your Own Strawberries’ is just a 40 minute drive from the Perth City center and you’ll be able to pick your own juicy strawberries daily from Spring to Early Summer. If it’s a hot day, it’s best to pack a hat, closed shoes and some sunscreen. Trays are $10 and there is a $2 per person entry fee, to cover all those delicious strawberries you’re going to want to eat as you go or the ones their get squished in your little one’s hands!

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Core Cider

Where: 35 Merrivale Road, Pickering Brook

When: January to August

Climb aboard the Apple Express Train for an orchard tour at Core Cider House and take the family apple picking. Get back to nature and see a big smile spread across your kid’s faces as they bite into a fresh, crispy apple straight off the tree branch. At this 4th generation orchard, you can also find varieties of pears, plums, quince, pomegranates, persimmons, oranges, and lemons at different times of the year.

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Gold Grove Orchard

Where: 1378 Chittering Road, Lower Chittering

When: June to October

Golden Grove Orchard grows citrus fruit in the undulating hills of the Chittering Valley. Peak season to go picking is in the winter and spring for navel oranges and summer for valencia oranges. You’ll need to book a time if you want to pick and it’s better if you have a group of around 10 people. There are plenty of juices to sample and a barbeque area suitable for groups so you can make a full day from the outing.

Why you should pick your own produce

Picking your own fruit not only saves you money, it allows you to pick the perfect produce to ensure no more moldy, squishy, under or over-ripe produce surprises you at the bottom of a supermarket container. Picking your own connects you with the earth, provides you with greater nutrition, and reminds you where your food comes from. Buying directly from the farmers also helps to keep them in business!

Say yes to fresh and tasty fruit and veg today, and visit your nearest pick your own farm.

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