Bellamy’s Organic

Welcome to the Bellamy’s blog site. As you may already know, it’s our aim at Bellamy’s to provide you with interesting and informative information about aspects of nutrition and good health during pregnancy and beyond.

Further, this site looks at childhood development too, and how this can often be affected by diet. Our constant theme throughout everything is really “Mindfulness”. Thinking about what we eat, what we feed our children and how we interact with them in the early years is not only sensible, it’s rewarding.

At Bellamy’s Organic we like to keep up with the latest thinking on nutrition, and child-related science in general, and bring it to you here. We’re particularly concerned about the growing obesity problem in young children in Australia and that’s why you’ll find us talking about “Mindful Eating”. That’s simply taking a moment to give your child an apple rather than a biscuit, water rather than a fizzy drink. Those things build good eating habits from the outset.

Obviously Bellamy’s is an organic food company. In fact we pride ourselves on the fact that we produce and sell only certified organic baby and toddler foods. We take a lot of care with our products so that you can feed your little one with confidence, knowing that you’re giving them a pure start to life.

Bellamy’s Organic is based in Launceston, Tasmania. We’re a passionate and dedicated bunch!

In addition to selling our Bellamy’s Organic brand nationally through grocery and pharmacy in Australia, we export to a number of Asian countries. All our products are made in Australia.

We hope you enjoy this blog site. Feel free to comment, either here or on Facebook or Twitter. We love to hear from our customers – if it’s good or bad – so that we can always improve what we do and how we do it.

The Bellamy’s Organic team.